LYHS Remote Learning Days

On Tuesday, March 31st Governor Pritzker announced that the state-mandated school closures will be extended through Thursday, April 30th.  Below are Latino Youth High School’s remote learning expectations that align with Chicago Public School (CPS) and Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) requirements. Any revision to these expectations will be highlighted in red. Last update: April 5, 2020.


Remote learning is a new practice at Latino Youth High School; however, the use of Google Classroom and other online platforms is not. We recognize that there will be challenges for both students and teachers, but the goal of these expectations is to keep learning moving forward for students while keeping the daily demands for students, teachers, and families manageable. 

The key to ensure success is that everyone remains flexible but committed to our shared academic outcomes. Our ultimate goal during this time is the same as always – for all of our students to graduate. We appreciate everybody working together and doing the best they can in a unique situation for the good of the students and their learning.


  • Students are expected to check into the Google Classroom for each of their classes, daily.
  • Students are expected to check in with their teachers when they have questions either via email, Remind, or during scheduled office hours.
  • Students should communicate with teachers about daily and long-term assignments through their LYHS email.
  • Students must complete assignments either in Google Classroom or via distant-learning packet. Credit can ONLY be earned by completing assignments.


  • Teachers will post work daily on Google Classroom by 9 AM.
  • Teachers will email learning expectations to students daily by 9 AM.
  • Teachers will host daily office hours during their scheduled time.
  • Teacher will respond to student communications within 24 hrs.
  • Teachers will update grades each Friday.


Q: What about students who do not have internet access at home?

A: If you do not have internet access at home but have wireless access most wireless companies offer a straight-forward and easy way to create a ‘hotspot’ that will allow you to access the internet. Directions can be found here.  Comcast will also be offering free internet for 60 days which is normally available to all qualified low-income households for $9.95/month. Additionally, many assignments can be completed in the Google Classroom app, which is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

If you can’t get reliable internet service than just call the school, our number is (773) 648-2130), and we’ll mail a distance-learning packet to your home address that you can complete for course credit.

Q: Should students expect an assignment every day?

A: Yes, teachers are expected to provide 3-4 activities/assignments per week that take students 3 total hours per week to complete.  While some assignments may be longer-term, we are encouraging a daily check-in/reflection assignment. Due dates will be clearly posted in Google Classroom.

Q: How will courses be graded?

A: For Quarter 4 all classes will be graded as either Pass (P) or Incomplete (I). Only courses in which a student has earned a Pass will acquire credit. Teachers will provide weekly feedback and enter in grades each Friday.

Q: Should teachers and students be available throughout the day?

A: Unless a student or a teacher is ill, they should check and respond to Google Classroom and email messages periodically throughout the day. Questions about daily work should be submitted to teachers by 12:00 p.m. to give them time to respond so the student can meet the assignment deadline. Teachers will be available live during their office hours using Google Meet and available via email and Remind during normal school hours (i.e. 8:00 AM to 3:15 PM).

Q: What are the email or Google Classroom codes for my student’s teachers?

A: Here is an updated list of teacher emails and Google Classroom codes.